About us

United Physical Culture was founded by 8 Physie clubs in 2023.

Founded by members, and guided by an experienced board, we will forge a Physie future built on transparency, fairness, support, and of course a lifetime love of our wonderful sport ‘Physie’.

Association structure

United Physical Culture is a not-for-profit. It is registered as an ‘other incorporated entity’. No one person owns it, and all funds will be directly invested into improving and growing the association.

We operate under a democratically elected board, and will hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs). Key decisions will go to democratic club votes and will also include a member voting process on different issues.

Syllabus and style

Our Physie syllabus and style will be based on traditional Physical Culture style with a progressive and modern flair.

The complete syllabus will consist of traditional marching and 5 routines for all age groups. They are Intro, Relax, Exercise, Floor for all, then Dance for Juniors through to Seniors, and Rhythm for Ladies only.


We believe that grading is integral to fair competition. 

Grading is based on individual Physie performance/participation history and ability. Grading begins from the Teenagers (13-17 years) age group, and includes Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

For further details on grading, please speak to your club teacher.

Competition wear

We’re proud to offer competition wear for everyone feel confident and comfortable on the competition floor. We offer a range of styles and colours in both leotards and activewear. Ballets are optional.

Our arms are wide open to welcome individual members, as well as new and existing Physical Culture Clubs for 2024. 

2024 Registration opening soon!