What is Physie?

Physical Culture or ‘Physie’  is a uniquely Australian dancesport, originating in 1892 and founded by Hans Bjelke-Petersen! Today, there are a number of associations across Australia with varying styles.

The United Physical Culture style shares in the traditional Physie style, with an emphasis on precision, positions, with a modern flare including dance.

Physie comprises of marching and a syllabus of choreographed dance routines taught over a season running between February – November each year.

The style of dance routines can be described as a combination of aerobic exercise, basic ballet, and contemporary dance. The routines are called Intro, Relaxed, Exercises, Floor Work, Rhythm and Dance.

It is both an individual and team-based dance sport, with a range of competitions generally running from August through to November.

Physie is typically a women’s sport, however it is open and welcoming to all, offering classes for all ages and abilities, beginning from age 3 years.

It is not uncommon for women to share Physie across generations –  Mothers and daughters, sisters, cousins and even grandmothers!